EU VAT Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS)

This page includes information that you may require if you are supplying goods to the EU.


The Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) is the electronic method of submitting your VAT e-commerce obligations on distance sales of ALL goods imported into the EU. It will be live from 1 July 2021, see European Commission - IOSS for more details.

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To enable IOSS on your system, please see How To: Enable IOSS.
Please ensure that you have read and understood this page and consulted a Tax expert before enabling IOSS so Khaos Control is configured to suit your business.

Required Khaos Control Version

The EU IOSS 8.201 Khaos Control update is required for anyone who:

  • Has registered for IOSS to ship goods to the EU
  • Processes orders for Shipping to the EU on behalf of a Marketplace like Amazon or eBay where for orders under 150 Euro IOSS numbers are now mandatory.

If you only process domestic UK goods and do not process orders from any external marketplaces which could be shipped to the EU then you are not required to apply this update. If you process digital UK Tax Returns (MTD) then applying this update will be required ahead of your next submission in July as the Fraud header requirements have changed and the required changes are also included in this update.

06/07/2021 - 19:00pm All customers now have access to 8.201.88 and is now available as of 07/07/21. Email notifications will be sent 07/07/21.

Update Notes:

  • 8.201.64 - Initial release.
  • 8.201.67 - Courier DLL error fixed/resolved - "method Shipper EORI not found".
  • 8.201.82 - This update includes a number of unrelated fixes and also added the ability to override the IOSS number for a selection of Sales Orders from the Sales Order list based upon a green selection.
  • **LATEST** 8.201.88 - This update includes a fix to the Stock screen when interacting with or editing UDAs, and the fix for IOSS numbers being stamped on ROW orders.

If you have any problems with the update please contact our support team.

Known Issues and information

[INVESTIGATING] - 20/09/21 We received a report of Ebay orders for IOSS being imported as Gross when Net figures are being provided by Ebay. This when it occurs is causing the order total to be reduced by the country vat percentage applied to those orders and to misreport figures for ebay. We have only received this report from a single customer, however we recommend all customers spot check any IOSS ebay orders and compare the order totals on Khaos Control versus Ebay.

  • [PENDING] Couriers - DPD (Ship @ Ease and DPD API / myDPD) - DPD have announced at the last minute that they will be supported EURO values being passed directly to them instead of values having to be converted to GBP first (which is the current method for DPD). Khaos Control will be adding support for this, however we do not have a timescale for this due to the late notice from DPD about the change.
  • [INFORMATION] 01/07/21 - RM Click and Drop - We have received reports of problems with the Country of Origin within the Item Specific data sent in the Click and Drop CSV files.
01/07/21 - 16:00pm - This was determined to be a red herring and incorrect advice provided by Royal Mail. This has been resolved by the customer affected remapping the file exported to Royal Mail.
  • [INFORMATION] Fedex - Fedex have provided [30/06/2021] additional information which indicates that (v17) is not sufficient to handle some international shipping requirements. We will be reviewing the integration next week.
  • [INFORMATION] Hermes - Hermes are blocking some courier exports to certain countries where an IOSS number is not present despite it not yet being 1st July. This is out of our control, so if this affects your business please contact Hermes for advice on how to proceed.
 01/07/2021 09:30am - Hermes have advised that this error has now been resolved within their API. If you are still experiencing problems please contact Hermes support.
  • [INFORMATION] DPD released an update for their systems on Sunday (27/06/21) evening which has affected some customers regardless of them running 8.201 of Khaos Control, we advise customers to contact DPD directly for help and support with their DPD integration.
  • [INFO] 20/09/21 - Ebay - Ebay have said they would be adding IOSS information into the Address2 field of orders received in some cases, however they have not provided a physical example of how this will appear as such we have not been able to program response or handling of this additional information. 3 months on we are still to see an example where this is the case from ebay. If you do encounter any issues with eBay and IOSS please report it to our support team.
  • [RESOLVED] Royal Mail Click and Drop have introduced a new mandatory requirement with no notice to include the IOSS number within the export file.

This apparently supersedes the previous advice to use the Trading Name facility to map IOSS numbers.

If you have any problems processing orders via Royal Mail please contact Click and Drop support team.
03/08/21 - This has been resolved in version 8.201.121 onwards, and version 8.202.44 onwards.
  • [RESOLVED] Couriers - DPD Ship @ Ease Neo, DPD API - For Business to Business orders additional fields were required for both DPD integrations.
Changes have been made to our DPD integrations to support both the Received EORI and Receiver VAT number being provided for business shipments.
If you are using DPD - please ensure you are running 8.201.93 which includes these additions.
  • [RESOLVED] **ERROR** "ShipperEORI / CompanyName2 method not found". Some users have reported an issue when trying 8.201 on their TEST system, this is currently being investigated as a priority.
29/06/21 - Resolved in 8.201.67 onwards.
  • [RESOLVED] Standard Web Services 1.0 - We did not have an exposed tag for explicitly identifying orders which are from an external marketplace for tax liability purposes.
Note: This has been resolved in 8.201.67 onwards.
  • [RESOLVED] '06/07/2021 - Stock screen - editing information on the Telesales or Upsell Cross sell tabs can cause an "Invalid Pointer" error. This is currently being investigated and a solution will be released as soon as possible.
Unrelated to the EU IOSS functionality but affecting the 8.201 version, we will be remediating this problem as soon as possible and re-releasing updates.
06/07/2021 - 8.201.88 is now available for those affected by this problem, and will be released to all other systems this evening.
  • [RESOLVED] 02/07/2021 - Marketplace orders from Channels 1.0 and Channels 2.0 for ROW having Channel IOSS numbers applied to them.
 05/07/2021 - We have made changes to prevent IOSS numbers applying to non-EU orders imported from Channels. 
 For the time being we recommend using the 8.201.82 facility to Manually reset any USA orders which have had an IOSS number applied to them.
 06/07/2021 - We are re-releasing 8.201.88 to all customers to resolve this issue, all updates will have been sent by 7pm and an email notification will be sent tommorow morning.
 If you need assistance using this facility please contact our support team.
  • [RESOVLED] Martketplace IOSS numbers, we suspect that some marketplaces will not provide IOSS numbers until after orders have already been imported. As such we will be making a modification to allow the Sales Order IOSS number editable.
29/06/2021 16:00 - We have made these changes and they will be included in 8.201.72, 
30/06/2021 19:00 - We have made further alterations based on feedback and experiences today, which include adding a facility to manually update the IOSS number on a selection of orders from the Sales Order list. 
01/07/2021 09:00 - An update for version 8.201.82 has been released including these changes, a notice regarding these changes has now been sent. 

Common Issues / Queries

  • Please ensure you configure Channels 1.0 / Channels 2.0 IOSS numbers in advance, orders which are downloaded prior to an IOSS number existing will not have the IOSS number applied, and may fall back to your system IOSS number if one is present.
  • Please ensure your web service has been updated in line with 8.201 by contacting our support team after updating your application, this ensures that orders created via a web service import will have your System IOSS number applied where appropriate upon creation. Orders can be edited to force the system to "refresh" the IOSS number if its completely blank.
  • Please ensure if using Standard Web Services XML that your web site provider is not overriding / providing the <TAX_RATE> tag if you are expecting Khaos Control to calculate the Country VAT rates dynamically, otherwise Khaos Control will be forced to use the rate IDs provided which may result in unexpected tax values from being calculated. If your website has a list of your TAX IDs and is providing the correct ones per country, then this is valid. We have seen examples where old UK rates were being transmitted forcing EU orders to use UK tax. If you have got a Sales Order which has unexpected Tax Rates on it as a result of being imported from your Web Site, then you can edit the order and use the right-click [Actions -> Reset Tax Rate] menu item to force the tax rates to re-calculate based on standard Khaos Control behaviour.


As the VAT rules currently stand, no import VAT has to be paid for commercial goods of a value up to €22. This rules are changing from 1st July 2021, such that all commercial goods imported into the EU from a non-EU country or territory, will be subject to VAT.

What is the IOSS for?
The IOSS allows suppliers, who are importing goods to customers in the EU, to collect, declare and pay the VAT to the tax authorities; instead of making the buyer pay the VAT when the goods are imported into the EU. Registering for the IOSS scheme is optional, but the VAT changes which are coming into effect are not.

As of 1st July 2021 all B2C goods under the value of €150 will be subject to VAT at the point of sale. This is for the whole shipment, so if you have a sales order with two lines on that together take the order over €150 but with the individual items being less than €150, if the items are shipped separately then this is deemed to be under €150 and there should be two separate sales orders, one per shipment.

Shipments over €150 and B2B goods are not affected and will continue to be handled via the existing Courier/Import/Customs process which happens outside of Khaos Control.

The amount of EU VAT calculated will be dependant upon the final destination country. For example, shipping goods to France will mean the seller needs to apply French VAT rates, and shipping goods to Germany will mean the seller is required to apply German VAT rates.

Another major change is the impact on Electronic Interfaces / External Marketplaces, e.g Amazon and eBay (and more). They are now responsible for collecting VAT on orders under 150 Euros up front, and in order to facilitate this they will provide affected sellers with a suitable IOSS number to use on all orders under 150 Euros.

Information from Amazon can be found here:

For ALL marketplaces, stores or other platforms you must consult with their own advice and guidance on how this affects orders your process through their platform.

We will be reviewing all the feedback from customers and updating this page as and when new information is available

EU VAT Guide for 1st July 2021 Changes

This information is provided as a GUIDE only, you must seek your own advice and confirm that this aligns with your Khaos Control configuration.

Scenario - Country Registered for IOSS? Registered for VAT in destination EU country? Recommended Web Unit Price <€150 Recommended Web Unit Price >€150 B2C Invoice <€150 B2C Invoice>€150 B2B Invoice Courier Terms (To be confirmed by you with courier on a case by case basis) Reporting (Information TBC)
S1 - UK N/A YES Gross or Net+ Gross or Net+ 20% VAT Charged 20% VAT Charged 20% VAT Charged N/A UK VAT Return
S2 - EU Country NO NO Net Net+++ No VAT Charged No VAT Charged No VAT Charged Expected DAP/DUP or equivalent++++ UK VAT Return
S3 - EU Country YES NO Gross or Net+ Net+++ EU VAT Charged++ No VAT Charged No VAT Charged Expected DDP or equivalent for items under €150, DAP/DUP for items over €150 IOSS return for items below €150
S4 - EU Country YES YES Gross Gross EU VAT Charged++ EU VAT Charged++ EU VAT Charged++ Expected DDP or equivalent for all orders Check with your Tax Representative, items below 150 Euro may still be reported directly to the country directly if registered in that country, but you must check. The general expectation is all items below 150 will be IOSS and anything above will be reported directly to the recipient country if you are registered in that country.
S5 - EU Country NO YES Gross Gross EU VAT Charged++ EU VAT Charged++ EU VAT Charged++ Expected DDP or equivalent for all orders EU Country VAT Return
S6 - EU Country (Marketplace) Marketplace IOSS Used NO N/A N/A EU VAT Charged by the Marketplace (1) No VAT Charged No VAT Charged Expected DDP or equivalent for items under €150, DAP/DUP for items over €150 EU Country VAT Return if applicable, NET sale only
S7 - EU Country (Marketplace) Marketplace IOSS used YES N/A N/A EU VAT Charged by the Marketplace (1) EU VAT Charged++ EU VAT Charged++ Expected DDP or equivalent for all orders Items over 150 Euro EU Country VAT Return. Otherwise NET Sale Only as items below 150 Euro will be reported by Marketplace

(1) Country VAT must be configured for any EU Destination countries even if you are not registered for VAT in those countries, if you anticipate delivering to those countries.

+ System will add VAT on to the received NET price, which should then match the total value paid.

++ Dependent upon country VAT rates being configured

+++ Khaos Control will strip the appropriate vat from this price if Country VAT rates are configured

++++ Some couriers will not be offering DAP services for orders under 150 Euro, so you must consult with your courier service provider directly.

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To be registered for EU VAT in a country and recognised by Khaos Control calculations, you must specify your VAT number for that country in [ System Data | International | Countries ] in the VAT number field.

What Khaos Control changes have been made

All Khaos Control customers will need to do their own research into IOSS to ensure that they understand how these changes affect their business. The changes which are being made, will be based on generic requirements, therefore if you have any specific IOSS changes, please let us know as soon as possible.

From Khaos Control version 8.201 onwards, the following changes will be made:

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If you have orders which should NOT have an IOSS number applied but you have a system wide IOSS number set, then you can specify a special blank IOSS value against the associated brand and this will override it but with a blank value. This should only be done in consultation with Khaos Control Support and is considered an advanced feature.

  • A new read-only field will be added to the [ Sales Order | Additional ] tab to show the IOSS number that has been applied to the order, based on brand and system values settings.
  • In the Channels 1.0 and Channels 2.0 configuration screens we have added a place to add IOSS numbers for your channels, and also a checkbox to mark the channel as an External Marketplace, this is intended for channels where they have accounted for the VAT they will pay, this allows for alternative Tax handling within Khaos Control for these orders. The system IOSS opt-in option must be enabled for the Channel IOSS number fields to be visible.

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Please do your own research on how external marketplace orders need to be processed. Its our understanding that only orders shipped by you will be affected, so for example Amazon FBA orders will not be subject to IOSS based on the information we have, however please confirm the particulars of your business with each Marketplace you deal with.

  • Orders which are raised from a Channel marked as an External Marketplace, will post any VAT accrued on them, to a new system Nominal "External Sales Tax", and the Tax element will not be posted to the Khaos Control Tax Register.

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We are anticipating orders from both Amazon and eBay to present with the GROSS totals including for payments, and the VAT will be calculated within this figure, as such we introduced this External Marketplace flag so we could process any VAT coming into the system via this process to be handled separately. It may be required for manual journals to be raised once the situation is clearer, but any order processed from an external channel will not post its vat to the UK Tax register, only the net Sale.

  • [ System Values | Accounts | Brexit ] will be renamed [ System Values | Accounts | Europe ] with new options added to control tax and threshold information. The Brexit test mode will be repurposed as an EU test mode.
  • In [ System Data | Countries ] Force Country VAT will be renamed Enable Country VAT so you can configure rates, but turn them off if you want to.
  • Default tax rates will be supported on a per country basis instead of the system country only. You can add German tax rates, for example, and specify one as the default. You then do not have to link the rate to all your items, as the system will use the newly designated default.
  • We will be reviewing our Courier integrations and documenting which ones are known to support IOSS shipments to the EU.
  • Where possible we will modify our Courier integrations to pass along required information.

Courier Support

Not all couriers have yet announced how this will work on a technical level. As with Brexit each courier will have a different approach to this and as and when technical information is received from our Courier partners, we will update our integrations where possible. If your courier is not mentioned, please assume it will NOT be supported. So far we have received technical information from the following couriers only:

We have NOT received any information from the following, so at time of writing these courier integrations will NOT have IOSS support: Parcelforce, Amazon Buy Shipping, APC, ParcelHub, Secured Mail, Yodel - Deskdespatch.

We are currently awaiting clarifications from the following couriers, but at present they are not supported:

  • UPS. (we are still waiting for clarification from UPS and have chased them again today).

We have had information from the following couriers that they DO NOT support IOSS order handling. Please contact the courier provider directly:

  • Despatch Bay.

However it may mean that as with Brexit, customers need to review their courier services to ensure they suit their ongoing needs. We believe many of the couriers will add IOSS support through a combination of introducing new Service Codes and combining this with Incoterms stipulations on a service level, some are intending to handle it at the account level, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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As soon as the above changes have been completed we will releasing updates to all Khaos Control customers before the July 1st deadline.

What will you need to do

You may need to seek out and appoint a suitable Tax representative to handle your tax affairs in Europe

  • Review your business needs regarding European shipping and decide if you want to sign up to the IOSS scheme.
  • Review all EU Business customer records and ensure that you have collected their EU VAT number, otherwise their orders will be treated as B2C within Khaos Control.
  • Consult with your Courier service providers to ensure they will be supporting the EU VAT and IOSS changes and which services you will be using.
  • Review the data the EU / IOSS and selected Courier services require to fulfil your business needs.
  • Review the countries within the EU which you ship to.
  • For any EU member country you plan on shipping to, ensure you have enabled and configured Country Specific VAT rates for that country and configured these rates appropriately against your stock items, or specified a "default" rate per country and clicked the "Enable Country VAT" checkbox in [System Data | Countries].
  • For any EU Member country which you are registered for VAT within already, make sure your EU VAT Number is specified against the country in [System Data | Countries].
  • Review which external Marketplaces you deal with and how your order handling and shipping requirements may be impacted.
  • Ensure that your have captured IOSS numbers and applies these to the appropriate Channel setup associated with your marketplaces (Channels 1.0 or Channels 2.0), and that the "External Marketplace" checkbox has been appropriately set in advance of any July 1st orders.
  • Amazon Information from Amazon can be found here:
  • eBay have released the static IOSS number to be used on their orders to Sellers and Developers - if you have not received this information from eBay please contact eBay for advice before the 1st July.
  • eBay Information from eBay can be found here:
  • For all other marketplaces please contact them directly for advice on which IOSS number you need to use.

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To enable IOSS on your system, please see How To: Enable IOSS.
Please ensure that you have read and understood this page and consulted a Tax expert before enabling IOSS so Khaos Control is configured to suit your business.


If you have any questions not answered by this document, then please email our training team who will collate all queries relating to EU VAT so that we can provide answers to common questions by updating this wiki page.

Questions and Answers

The following questions have been asked from our customers and the answers added below.

Reports and Filters

Is there a report that will tell me which countries we have sold to in any given month?
There is currently no report, but there are plans to create an SQL report once there is more information about what the report should contain.

Accounts - Tax (VAT) tab - the drop down menu for country lists all countries. We need a separate drop down for just the 27 EU countries.
There are no plans currently to create a dropdown list for the 27 EU countries to separate them out from the RoW countries.

Country Specific VAT Rates

Do I need to setup Country Specific VAT Rates for IOSS
Yes, you will need to setup the Country Specific VAT Rates yourself for the countries you are shipping to. The Country Specific VAT page has details about How To: Setup Country Specific VAT and How To: Use Country Specific VAT Rates.

Can I setup Country Specific VAT Rates prior to 1 July and then flick a switch to make it live?
There isn’t a method to flick a switch on 1st July for country specific VAT rate.

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Hints & Tips
You can experiment with Country Specific VAT in your Test system, see How To: Setup Country Specific VAT.

We highly recommend you do this on Test first.

You can turn on and setup Country Specific VAT in your Live system as long as:
  1. No EU orders are imported or created while it is enabled and you are configuring the rates.
  2. You are not already using Country Specific VAT for one or more EU countries.
  3. Once you are ready to start processing/creating/importing orders again:
    1. Untick the Force Country VAT checkbox in System Data.
    2. Turn off Country Specific VAT in System Values.
  4. Once you are ready to enable this you will need to reverse the previous two changes.

We highly recommend you do this on Test first.

Do Country Specific VAT Rates only need to be setup for each country and Level 2 Stock Type, or does each stock item need to be setup individually?
Once the rate has been applied to Level 2 Stock Types then it will apply to EU sales orders with those items on specific to the country the items are for.

What about my website and the changes, how will it work?
For your website your Web Developers will need to ensure that they are taking the correct payment for the goods sold, for example, if you are sending the Gross price down, then Khaos Control will calculate the VAT for the individual countries providing you are using Country Specific VAT.

However, if you are not currently using Country Specific VAT, then you have two options:

  1. You will need to configure Country Specific VAT prior to the new changes coming into effect. This will need to be turned on, on the day it is applicable (we are currently working on a feature that will allow you to do this) , or
  2. Pass this onto the customer by letting the customs of the customer's country handle the tax.

150 Euro Threshold

As we will only have to collect VAT for orders under 150 Euros, Khaos Control needs to have a threshold that triggers the zero rate for EU orders over that number?
The 150 Euro threshold is handled automatically within Khaos Control as part of the changes we have now made. VAT will only be calculated on orders over 150 if you are registered for VAT in that Country. To meet the IOSS requirements our Country VAT facility needs to be activated, and a default rate per country can now be defined without the need to configure country rates against stock records. Then against each country, you can choose to specify a VAT number, if you do so you are indicating that your are registered for VAT in that country and as per the Table above, VAT will be collection on orders over 150 Euro (by default) for orders over the threshold where you are also registered for VAT. If you do not specify a VAT number then EU VAT will only be calculated on orders under 150 Euros.

Intermediaries and Agents

We are looking at asking an intermediary to assist us with our VAT compliance and they would require a VAT download into a specific template format. Is this something that KHAOS are able to provide?
This is not something that we have been asked about, but it maybe something that might be developed later once all the requirements are known and understood.

One of the requirements for IOSS is that the data for the IOSS sales is sent to the VAT agent in Europe on a weekly basis. Their requirement list is much like the data that is exported to DPD to get a parcel through customs, including quantities of items and commodity codes etc. Is there a way in Khaos to be able to export this IOSS sale data as a CSV file for example? As soon as we have a suggested format for providing this information we will be able to publish a Report which can be deployed to most systems to extract this information. At this time we do not have this information so we do not have a Report or facility to accommodate this requirement, but as new information is received we will do our best to add it.

To use IOSS we need to register with a EU country and probably appoint an agent, do you have any suggestions as to an agent to approach or the best country to register with?
We can’t recommend any agents, this is something that you will have to investigate.

Appendix - Web Services (v8.201 onwards)

Note: If you are relaying Orders for an external marketplace via the standard web services, this is not currently supported and the order will not be flagged as external. You can provide an IOSS number, but this will not affect the tax liability behaviour. We are working on additional web service changes to allow to this, in line with the changes we have made to Channels 1.0 and Channels 2.0.

For customers who have integrations using Standard Web Services to provide XML orders which may need an IOSS number, a tag <IOSS_NUMBER> can be added to the <ORDER_HEADER> We have also now added an FROM_EXTERNAL_MARKETPLACE tag (also in ORDER_HEADER). When set to -1 it sets the Sales Order SOFromExternalMarketplace flag, similar to the user controlled check box in Channels 1.0 and Channels 2.0. The external marketplace tag should ONLY be used if the marketplace order has had VAT calculated already and will not be paid by your business, but by the marketplace.

For example:

*** usual tags here ****

When the IOSS_NUMBER is provided in the XML, the import routine will set it against the Sales Order, and will also assign the appropriate EORI Number (either from the SOrder Brand or from System Values) and lock these values against the Sales Order. This means that even when the Sales Order is edited afterwards they won't get updated (as they normally would).

Note: To force a blank IOSS number (i.e. it won't get recalculated by the Sales Order) please pass ##BLANK## in the IOSS tag.

If your website does not have access to a list or appropriate TAX IDs which include any new Country Tax Rates you may have added for Europe, then we recommend against the usage of the TAX_RATE tag as any information provided in this tag will override the Khaos Control Country VAT rate calculations. If your website has a list of your TAX IDs and is providing the correct ones per country, then this is valid. We have seen examples where old UK rates were being transmitted forcing EU orders to use UK tax values.

For web orders where there is EU VAT and this has been charged on the web site and aligns with the Khaos Control configuration we recommend using PRICE_GRS as below:


For scenarios where an order is not subject to EU VAT or it has not been charged and this aligns with your Khaos Control configuration we recommend using PRICE_NET.


Appendix - Web Services - Channels 2.0 3rd Party integrations

If your 3rd Party website needs to specify an IOSS number it can now do so, our github page has been updated to reflect the changes.

Khaos Control Channels 2.0 3rd Party Web Service page

You will also be able to do this on a per channel basis as part of the configuration, but this will assume the same IOSS number for all orders within that channel. You will also be able to mark a channel as an "External Marketplace", this will allow for different Tax liability handling within the system.

See Also

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